Anatomy Freaks Club Starts: Wednesdays,Get Help and Extra Credit Points for Attending!

A&P I students  &  A&P II students

The meetings are scheduled for the following day, Wednesdays 3:00-4:30 in room L114 for A&P I & A&P II
Please make an effort to attend and get assistance with the course material (both lecture and lab material)!  You will also receive extra credit points for attending (STARTS TODAY)!

The tutor that will be present will provide you their email during the first session so that you may reach out to them as to the course material you need assistance with.

Please note that while you are in room L114, you MUST WEAR A LAB COAT AT ALL TIMES!!!  If you do not wear one, you will not be allowed in the room (it does not matter if you are just there for help with lecture material, you still need to wear a lab coat in this room).

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